#1 Acceptable tool actively and to Maplestory 2 Mesos von Maplestory2M 11.01.2019 09:49

Acceptable tool actively and to Maplestory 2 Mesos notice questionable players seeking them out ingame It shows level amount of ranks gained in a day and also the expertise amount Watching the spike in position and checking the experience obtained from one day to another gained is enough to also set warning signals off to anyone who pays the slightest

bit of attentionYoure misunderstanding the point The positions just exhibit title and level You can be funny but falls apart the moment you have a hacker who buys NX in case youve got a legit player who likes a specific look or since they also like to appear pretty Seems like is not good enough and it should never be good enoughThis

change has been implemented years back and the game was a beast that was really different back afterward This is more a matter of making it more challenging to monitor and find An notorious hacker really was able to hit on reboot since he had been off rankings hacking and that he is certainly nothing can be done about him so theres

an illegitimate on our host which although he is off rankings tarnishes the hard work other Maple Story 2 Mesos gamers have set in I agree it is something thats good as it doesnt allow hackers to benefit from hacking but exactly what I wished to convey more strongly was that there needs to be faster and more severe punishment for all these players that its

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